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PrimacolⓇ Professional 是一個100%由歐洲進口的乳膠漆品牌,其生產廠房設於波蘭。品牌擁有豐富的產品線,並通過嚴格的品質控制和檢測,旨在滿足客戶不同的需求和標準。品牌同時以環保生產為首要前提,秉持可持續發展的理念,致力於提供創新、無毒、可靠的產品,為消費者提供更高質量的生活體驗。

PrimacolⓇ Professional is a 100% European-imported latex paint brand, with its production base located in Poland. With extensive product lines and comprehensive quality assurance and quality control measures, the brand aims to fulfil the diverse needs and requirements from the customers. While the brand is focusing on environmentally-friendly production and sustainable development, PrimacolⓇ Professional is commits to providing innovative, non-toxic, and reliable products that offer a better quality of life for consumers.

配色服務 Paint Tinting Service




Mega Color Painting system adjusts over a thousand colors for tailored solutions. Find the perfect choice for any occasion, whether it's home decor or a professional space.

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